Wash And Go

Drop-Off Wash and Go Laundry Service in and near Citrus Heights, CA

Looking for a budget-friendly laundry service that spares your time from waiting between loads? Then look no further than May’s Laundromat. The cleanest and brightest laundromat in Citrus Heights, CA now offers a very competitive wash and go service for a low price of $0.79 per pound. It's the most budget-friendly laundry service that saves you time and money. 

Wash & Go
(No Folding)
Per Pound

15 Lb. Minimum Order

We take wash and go laundry seriously.

Our wash and go service is the easiest and most cost effective way to get wash and dry laundry service without sacrificing a quality wash. Just drop off your laundry with our attendants at our store in Citrus Heights. They will wash and dry your clothes and linens in our reliable and efficient industrial machines using premium detergents and softeners. May’s Laundromat also gives personalized attention to your clothes and linens upon request. Inform our wash experts of spot treating stains and preferred wash cycles and dryer temperatures. Then we will get to work sorting your laundry into whites, lights, and darks, while verifying that all items are machine washable. Your laundry will be washed and dried separately from all other orders.

When your wash and go laundry order is washed and dried, our attendants will promptly remove your items from the dryer, bag them, and notify you when your laundry is ready to be picked up. All you have to do is fold or hang your items yourself. Whether you fold your laundry at our laundromat or take it home to finish the job, you’ll save time and money. You save time because you don’t have to stay at the laundromat—you can spend that time running errands or doing something enjoyable. You save money because you do the folding.

Take confidence in knowing that your laundry will be washed and dried in the cleanest laundromat around Citrus Heights, CA. Upgrade to our regular wash and fold service, and we’ll also fold everything for you. If you don’t have time to drop off your laundry, then we will come to you whether you are in Citrus Heights or the surrounding areas. Try our pickup and delivery laundry service for even more convenience.